Results to date outline significant potential at Roughrider East; it is open in all directions and aggressive drilling this summer will both infill areas drilled, and test the potential extent of mineralization away from current fences.

Despite the first pass nature of drilling, uranium mineralization was intersected in all four drill fences, delineating mineralization along 100mt of strike. The assays from mineralized samples include: MWNE-10-624B: 44.5mt at 0.345% U308 40mt west of discovery (09-170); MWNE-10-622: 10.5mt at 0.71% U308 60mt west of discovery (09-170); MWNE-10-626A: 7.5mt at 2.54% U308 80mt west of discovery (09-170); including: 1.5mt at 7.48% U308; MWNE-10-629: 9.5mt at 1.20% U308 100mt west of discovery (09-170) including: 2mt at 5.50% U308.

Mineralization is not fully tested on any of the fences. There is significant potential to intersect high grade uranium mineralization during more tightly spaced follow-up infill drilling.

Extensive high grade mineralization was delineated at RRE this winter by the detailed drilling of 15 drill holes on two fences spanning 25mt of strike west from the discovery 170. High-grade-thickness intersections at RRE on Line 0W MWNE-09-170: 28mt of 12.8% U308 (discovery hole).

High-grade-thickness intersections at RRE on Line 25W include: MWNE-10-604A: 9.15% U308 over 8mt, starting at 289mt depth; MWNE-10-608: 5.34% U308 over 15.5mt, starting at 293.5mt depth; MWNE-10-609: 3.65% U308 over 25.5mt, starting at 294.5mt depth; MWNE-10-610: 22.5% U308 over 12mt, starting at 286mt depth; MWNE-10-612: 11.75% U308 over 19mt, starting at 311mt depth; MWNE-10-613: 1.25% U308 over 16mt, starting at 293mt depth; MWNE-10-607: 81.5mt of 1.6% U308, including 13.5mt of 6.1% U308.

Of the 77 holes drilled for 26,928mt during the 2010 winter program, 30 holes were completed on RRE for a total of 11,951mt.

The company has also planned to commence the summer drilling at RRE. One drill rig will test the open area to the east, and complete a detailed drilling (in-fill) to the west on Lines 20W to 100W.

Uranium mineralization has been traced westward for 100mt from the discovery hole 170, but only in reconnaissance fashion for the western 80mt. There is no drilling east of hole 170.