Harvest owns and operates permitted food and yard waste composting facility at FRSF in Richmond, outside of Vancouver.

The City of Vancouver has begun phase one of its Residential Food Scraps Collection program. The city will collect uncooked fruit and vegetable scraps, coffee grounds and filters, teabags, and eggshells on a bi-weekly schedule.

The food waste diversion program is part of Metro Vancouver’s Zero Waste Challenge initiative, which aims to reduce, re-use or recycle 70% of all municipal solid waste.

Gregor Robertson, Mayor of Vancouver, said: ”By partnering with Harvest Power and Fraser Richmond for our new curbside compost program, Vancouver is taking a major step forward to reduce our waste and environmental impact.

”We know it’s working in other cities and can be a big success here. We’re asking Vancouver residents to pitch in, recycle their food scraps, and help us reach our goal of becoming the world’s greenest city by 2020.”

Paul Sellew, founder and CEO of Harvest Power, said: ”Vancouver and the surrounding cities have long been recognized as leaders in urban sustainability, and the facility we operate at FRSF is a model of success for other cities wondering if large-scale organics recycling projects can work for them.

”A lot of what people typically throw out isn’t really ‘garbage’. By recycling organic waste, we’re helping communities like those in Metro Vancouver extract that value and give it back to their citizens.”