The city of Philadelphia has chosen Hara, a developer of energy management software, to provide Hara Environmental and Energy Management (EEM) system to help achieve energy reduction targets associated with Greenworks Philadelphia, the city’s sustainability plan.

The Hara EEM will be used to track and provide report with regards to the city’s energy use and costs across roughly 900 municipal buildings, thereby helping the city reduce the municipal energy consumption by 30% by 2015 and save as much as $10m annually.

The city of Philadelphia will pay for the system through the funds from the formula Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grant to meet the targets set out in Greenworks, including reduction of energy use, improving Philadelphia’s air quality and lowering the city’s operating costs.

Hara CEO and founder Amit Chatterjee said that it is remarkable to see how citizens, community organizations and businesses across Philadelphia have taken up the challenge to become the Greenest City in America.

“More and more local governments across the globe are rising to the challenge of reinventing their cities to be more sustainable and energy efficient while making significant strides in reducing costs and natural resource consumption,” Chatterjee said.