H2O Innovation Inc. (H2O Innovation), a Canada-based developer of water and wastewater treatment solutions, has received four new drinking water treatment and wastewater treatment contracts of worth CAD5.1 million in US and Canada. The company has received two municipal drinking water contracts in US. The first contract is received from the Alameda County Water District to expand the capacity of its existing desalination facility, from 5 million gallons per day (MGD) to 10 MGD.

As per the contract, the company will design and provide equipment and components for two reverse osmosis units that will be delivered to the Alameda County Water District’s existing Newark desalination facility. The water treated by this system will be combined with well water and chlorinated prior to distribution for potable use.

The second contract received by the company in US is for the design, fabrication and supply of water filtration process equipment for a two-train reverse osmosis system with a combined capacity of 1.67 MGD for the Clay Center Public Utilities Commission, Kansas, to treat ground water for potable use. The equipment will be shipped fully shop assembled from our factory.

H2O Innovation has also signed two wastewater treatment systems contracts, one in Canada and one in US. Through its office in Calgary, Alberta, the company has received a contract to build a 20,000 GPD wastewater treatment system for the Elinor Lake Resort property development in Lac La Biche County, Alberta, with the possibility of building a second phase to double the system’s capacity. In US, H2O Innovation will deliver a 10,000 GPD wastewater treatment system using the proprietary Bio-Wheel technology to the Moss-Nuckols Elementary School in Louisa County, Virginia. H2O Innovation’s systems were selected for their small footprint, ease of installation, and low operating costs.

These contracts bring the company’s sales excess to CAD24.6 million as at March 16, 2009.

Winning these contracts-which total CAD5.1 million-reasserts the soundness of H2O Innovation’s business model and demonstrates that we are well positioned to reap our share of the invigorated municipal water infrastructure market. None of these contracts could have been signed without the combined skills and experience of H2O Innovation’s business units and their successful integration into a complete membrane technology expert stated Frederic Dugre, president and CEO.