The company said that the Gull Regular Plus extends Gull’s biofuel range beyond the Gull Force 10, while saving the motorist money and saving the environment.

The company also said that Gull Regular Plus is a sustainable 91 octane biofuel which contains bioethanol sourced from whey, a natural by-product of the New Zealand dairy industry. The price of Gull Regular Plus is expected to be below NZD2 per liter.

Dave Bodger, general manager of Gull New Zealand, said: Kiwi motorists have been telling us they want the sustainable biofuel alternative in a regular grade petrol and they want to save money on fuel, that is why we have put Gull Regular Plus into the market. With the bioethanol made here in New Zealand from sustainable sources and Gull always looking to maintain a competitive edge on prices we believe we have a great new product and are very excited.