Through one Energy Commission award, GTI will manage a 30-month program which includes 15 partner organizations. GTI and its partners will ultimately provide design and installation guidance for radiant cooling and heating systems, and related envelope improvements in existing California homes, said the company.

Bill Liss, managing director, end use solutions center, GTI, said: “Over the years, GTI, along with our sponsors and partners, has continued to advance multiple types of high-efficiency, environmentally friendly furnaces, boilers and HVAC systems; water heaters; and cooking equipment into the marketplace.”

Karen Douglas, chairman of Energy Commission, said: “We are very excited about this research. These two projects address several major California energy goals, including the reduction of carbon and an increase of energy efficient technologies decreasing the state’s dependence on fossil fuels. California‚Äôs ratepayers will reap the benefits of this promising research.”

According to GTI, the R&D project has the potential to reduce system costs while increasing the installed efficiency of residential space conditioning systems in cooling-dominated climates throughout California, especially hot dry climates.

The company believes that up to 75% reduction in space conditioning energy consumption is possible along with energy demand reduction.

GTI is a research, development and training organization that addresses energy and environmental issues by developing technology-based solutions for consumers, industry, and government.