groSolar has received a contract from Green Mountain Power Corporation (Green Mountain Power) to construct solar electric power systems. groSolar recently completed construction of a 58-kilowatt (kW) solar power system at GMP’s Westminster, Vermont service center. The 300 ground-mounted photovoltaic panels will provide electricity to a facility whose 2008 green remodeling already made it among the most environmentally friendly structures in all of Vermont.

The installation is designed to supply two-thirds of the annual electricity consumption of the building. The building includes many energy efficient features such as lighting control timers and occupancy sensors, low flow water fixtures, Energy Star windows, and a specially designed heat reflecting roof.

“From the beginning of the Westminster remodeling project we really wanted the facility to be an expression of our commitment to energy efficiency and renewable energy sources,” said Mary Powell, president and chief executive officer of Green Mountain Power. “By partnering with groSolar and utilizing their expertise in solar power, we were able to dramatically reduce the facility’s impact on the environment even further.”

The Westminster project is the second time the two companies have directly worked together on a solar installation. In November 2008 groSolar installed a 4 kW solar power system at GMP’s Colchester headquarters. The system is used to power a two-car Toyota Prius fleet that GMP converted into plug-in hybrids.

“Both of the projects that we’ve worked on for GMP have been particularly enjoyable for us because they are in Vermont. We are installing many megawatts in other states, and it is good to move Vermont toward our solar future,” said Jeff Wolfe, CEO of groSolar. “The two projects highlight solar’s scalability, ranging in size from residential level to commercial.”