US-based groSolar has installed a 2.96MW DC solar photovoltaic (PV) system Limerick Road Solar on Meach Cove Farms, situated in Shelburne, Vermont.


Under the direction of L.W. Seddon, project design and solar engineering had been performed, while the installation and construction was managed by groSolar.

groSolar said the solar facility uses 9,878 Renesola 300-watt photovoltaic modules mounted on a Schletter racking system and is expected to produce around 3,450,000 kWh annually.

Under the state’s Sustainably Priced Energy and Economic Development (SPEED) program, the electricity produced will be sold to Vermont utilities.

Meach Cove Farms manager Christopher Davis said the Limerick Road solar project enhances the mission of Meach Cove Farms and will provide many benefits to surrounding community.

"This solar project represents an important step forward in reducing our dependence on fossil fuels and creating clean, renewable energy for the community," Davis added.

Image: groSolar has completed 2.96MW PV system in Vermont, US. Photo: Courtesy of groSolar.