Grit International has signed an agreement to financially participate in the Blue Castle Holdings Nuclear Project in which Blue Castle Castle is developing the western US based new nuclear power station.

This participation will give Grit a minority ownership stake in Blue Castle Holdings and with the ownership stake; Grit is awarded a position on the Engineering-Procurement-Construction (EPC) project committee.

This enables Grit to offer a wide range of services during deployment of the ‘Blue Castle Holdings – Nuclear Project’.

Grit could be participating in the sourcing of 750,000 tons of steel and 200 miles of pipe for the new nuclear project.

The need for new electric generation resources in the Western US markets is being accelerated by the recent changes to EPA emissions standards.

In 2005, these changes led to the closing of the 1,500MW Mohave Power Station in Nevada.
The EPA has targeted the 2,040MW four Corners Power plant in New Mexico to either improve emission or shutdown.