An undisclosed US based electric utility has selected GridSense’s TransformerIQ to monitor 2000 transformers in a metropolitan county in the utility's service territory in the US.

The project, part of the Smart Grid distribution optimization program is expected to show the scalability and impact of affordable monitoring solutions.

The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act provided 50% of the project funding.

The TransformerIQ is easy to install and can monitor up to 28 different parameters including operating temperatures, predicted asset life, system capacity, vault load switching, faults and interruptions and operating current voltage and power factor.

The solution is expected to aid utilities avoid prolonged service interruptions.

Lindon Shiao CEO of GridSense stated the project completion will serve as a model for other utilities and public service commissions to the cost-effective investment which can improve network intelligence and can extend asset lives and prevent unplanned outages.