Greenway Design Group will install a Cool-n-Save commercial pre-cool system at the data storage and networking facility operated by Hughes Network Solutions in Nevada, US.

Greenway will install 11, 20-ton chillers and two, 20-ton Carrier condensers and will also supply purified water for the humidification system that services a 100,000sq ft data storage facility in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The company said as per the installation documents, anticipated energy savings is about $80,000 per year or approximately $10,000 per month.

Greenway senior vice president Darius Jakubik said that at the projected rate of savings, the client may see a total return of their investment within six months of activation.

"For the first time Greenway’s High Efficiency Reverse Osmosis water filtration system has been used to supply a client with purified water for a purpose other than to supply the Cool-n-Save misting system with mineral-free water," Jakubik said.