Under the HUD Green Initiative, which encourages owners and operators of low-cost housing developments to enact procedures and implement technologies that improve sustainability in their operations, the GHA engaged Siemens to help reduce energy and water consumption throughout it residential buildings.

Don Rogers, executive director of GHA, said: “We selected Siemens for many reasons, including the breadth of their product offerings, the substantial engineering assistance, and especially the performance guarantees on the energy savings, which matched our requirements for the HUD Green Initiative. The scope of their experience in helping housing authorities across the country really impressed us.”

The performance contract Siemens executed included installing new energy-saving residential lighting and low-flow plumbing fixtures. Siemens also implemented automated electric and water meter reading technology that allows utilities to gather data without interrupting residents.

According to the GHA, residents’ consumption data is a valuable energy management tool and it will be able to manage allocations and aberrations better with the new Siemens system. As part of the Green Initiative, Siemens is also providing all energy data reporting to the GHA to ensure HUD reimbursement.