Through the partnership, IRG will gain access to URRC’s UnPET food-grade PET recycling technology.

The partnership will allow IRG to provide a home for tens of millions of pounds of sorted RPET it expects to process at its future PolyCoke facilities in the US and abroad.

IRG is pursuing the goal of 100% utilization of plastic scrap by separating PET, HDPE and other recyclable plastic categories from non-recyclable plastic scrap streams, and converting the non-recyclable portion into a cost-effective, environmentally beneficial, reducing agent for the steel industry.

The use of economically non-recyclable plastic scrap as a reducing agent for the steel industry eliminates landfilling of end-of-life plastics, reduces coal mining, lowers greenhouse gas emissions and drives higher recovery rates of recyclable plastics for conversion back into finished products.

IRG is currently developing plants dedicated to the manufacture of PolyCoke by sourcing plastic scrap that cannot be economically recycled and would otherwise enter the landfill.

URRC is engaged in the recycling of silver bearing films in the US and post-consumer PET for food-grade applications globally.