Green Vehicles, a plug-in electric vehicles manufacturer, has entered into a new technology partnership with Leyden Energy, a developer of lithium ion batteries, to help develop electric vehicles (EVs).

The partnership will enable Green Vehicles to place Leyden Energy’s battery test equipment alongside the manufacturing operations at its 80,000sq ft EV manufacturing factory in Salinas, California.

This integration into the production process of Green Vehicles’ Triac EV at the facility is expected to improve the whole-system quality assurance and reduce production time addressing the growing demand for an affordable EV among daily drivers.

Triac is an electric commuter vehicle that can travel up to 100 miles on a single charge, is capable of 80mph on the freeway and features Green Vehicles’ proprietary Vehicle Efficiency Data Assistant System that links EV performance to the driver and surroundings to cut fuel costs and range anxiety.

Green Vehicles, which is committed to develop electric transportation options for their day-to-day needs based on lithium-ion battery technology, has also recently received a $2.05m grant from the California Energy Commission to explore new ways of doing business.

Leyden Energy CEO Aakar Patel said that Leyden Energy sees great potential in partnering with Green Vehicles to address the needs of environmental and cost-conscious commuters.