Green Energy Renewable Solutions signed a long term contract with Disposal Specialties through which it will secured up to 1,000 tons per day of construction and demolition waste for recycling operations at its Highland Park recycling facility in Michigan, US.

The waste will be recovered and processed by Green Energy for re-introduction to the manufacturing stream, the company is hopeful of an 85% recovery rate from the incoming waste for recycling purposes.

Green Energy CEO of Joe DuRant said that the Detroit Metro market itself produces an average of over 10,000 tons of construction and demolition material per day, and given Disposal Specialties vast experience in construction and demolition waste the company is confident of its partnership.

"This long term contract guarantees us a steady stream of material to process and recover valuable materials and is the key to allowing us to execute on our business model," DuRant added.

Green Energy’s strategic plan is to create renewable energy with waste-to-energy power plants and the production of waste derived fuels.