This recent shipment, consisting of eight all-electric sport utility vehicles (SUV) and one all-electric multi purpose vehicle (MPV), originated from Shanghai, China, and is expected to arrive this week in the Port of Long Beach in California, US.

Green Automotive announced late last year that it expects to initially enter the US motor vehicle market before the end of 2011 with its all-electric SUV, and recently plans to add the MPV to its planned fleet in 2012.

The company plans to generate retail sales and market share through the development of a carefully selected nationwide distribution network in areas where the consumer and political climate is proactive towards zero emission vehicles.

Green Automotive president Fred Luke said that the company purchased the nine additional vehicles for the express purpose of ensuring compliance with all US DOT FMVSS requirements.

"The purchase of these additional vehicles is in keeping with our plans to perform full compliance testing here in the US, which will ensure that the company brings to market a full electric vehicle that is also fully compliant with all US safety standards," Luke said.

Green Automotive is a US public company involved in the import and distribution of eco-friendly vehicles.