Greek Parliament has approved feed-in tariffs for photovoltaic installations starting from February 2009 and it will be effective till 2014. Projects connected to the mainland grid will be entitled to EUR400 per MWh, if they are smaller than 100 kilowatt (kW). Installations exceeding 100kW will be subject to EUR450 per MWh. For autonomous island grids, plants smaller than 100kW will get EUR450 and larger projects will receive EUR500.

The tariffs will remain at the same level until August 2010 and will gradually depreciate afterwards. However, it will be possible to sign a grid connection agreement before that deadline and be given 18 months to finalise the installation. Therefore, effectively, the tariffs will not be changed until early 2012. This feed-in tarrif regime is guaranteed for 20 years.

As per the new tariff, applications for projects of more than 3 gigawatt, which had already been submitted, will be served before the end of 2009.

Furthermore, installations requiring the minimum investment of EUR100,000 will be entitled to a 40% grant.

The new tariff also announces, but does not give details of, a separate programme for rooftop photovoltaics and a tender procedure for installations greater than 10 megawatt.