The company will use IRAP’s funding and advisory services to support the work with respect to its technology partnership with Process Research ORTECH.

The partnership intends to develop a purification process for achieving a graphite product with +99% purity which will be economical with having less environmental impact.

It can be used in lithium-ion batteries and for other high technology applications.

Great Lakes Graphite CEO Paul Gorman said: "The purification work we are conducting with Process Research ORTECH is aimed at developing processes to produce an ultra-high purity carbon product.

"We believe that our partnership with Process Research ORTECH is representative of several steps that are being taken by us and others, towards securing a leadership position for Canada in the global battery and energy storage supply chain."

Process Research ORTECH was established in January 1999 to take over the Process Technologies division of ORTECH (formerly Ontario Research Foundation) under the Ontario Government’s privatization scheme.