The online marketplace will be called as Piclo, and the partnership intends to make it an ‘eBay for energy’. During the 6-month trial, Piclo will allow businesses to buy renewable electricity directly from specific sites.

Good Energy founder and chief executive Juliet Davenport said: " Piclo is an innovative service that puts consumers at the heart of energy and could unlock the potential of renewables in the UK."

Good Energy will act as utility partner for the scheme and will work with Open Utility to ensure that Piclo meets all regulatory requirements and help facilitate billing.

Open Utility co-founder and CEO James Johnston said: " "This project brings together the UK’s leading renewables focused energy supplier with a customer-centric technology company from the heart of London’s Tech City.

"Together, Good Energy and Open Utility are taking a significant first step towards giving people more control over their energy, and helping support a future powered by renewables."

The innovative project is supported by the Energy Entrepreneurs Fund scheme which is run by the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC).