Glimcher Realty Trust has planned to develop a 4.8MW single-roof top solar system in North America that will be built on the roof of Jersey Gardens in Elizabeth, New Jersey.

The solar array will generate enough power to offset 11% of the electrical consumption of the mall.

The addition of a solar array to Jersey Gardens was made possible through a partnership with Gerding Edlen Development and Gerding Edlen Sustainable Solutions, a subsidiary of Gerding Edlen.

Earlier, Glimcher entered into a power purchase agreement with Clean Focus, which will finance and own the system.

All solar renewable energy credits and environmental benefits associated with the system will be owned by Clean Focus.

Jersey Gardens will buy the electricity at a predetermined, predictable price, providing a long-term hedge against rising power prices with no initial capital investment.

The Jersey Gardens solar system will be designed, installed, and maintained by SunPower, an American company that designs, manufactures and delivers the solar technology.

SunPower will begin installing the SunPower T5 Solar Roof Tile system this February.