Greenstone will also be supporting the development of ‘Green’ client propositions that will allow Getronics to deliver a range of information and communication technology (ICT) systems to take to its clients.

Getronics, which manages the workspaces of a number of organizations in the UK across the finance and commercial sectors is increasing its efforts in corporate social responsibility (CSR) and helping clients to reduce their ICT carbon footprint.

The management of carbon within an organization is becoming more mainstream and this will only increase with new regulatory regimes such as the UK’s CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme.

Companies without efficient carbon management systems could fall foul of new compliance regimes with fines being imposed for failure to meet guidelines.

Dave Baldwin, managing director of Getronics UK, said: ”Globally, the IT industry is responsible for around 2% of carbon emissions – on a par with the aviation industry.

”Greenstone’s Acco2untenterprise carbon measurement and reporting tool will enable Getronics to understand and communicate its internal carbon emissions and to add value to client contracts, by enabling reductions in their own carbon emissions.”

Ram Ramachander, COO of Greenstone, said: “Governments around the world are beginning to introduce measures to tackle climate change and the ICT industry is under particular focus.

“Organizations therefore need to have the processes and tools to be able to measure and manage their carbon emissions in a robust and transparent way.”