GE's first 32MW MS 5002E gas turbine unit fully assembled at REP Holding’s (REPH) Nevsky Zavod manufacturing facilities in St. Petersburg, Russia has passed commissioning acceptance tests.

REPH is assembling Ladoga 32 gas compressor units based on MS 5002E gas turbines in Russia, under a 2008 license agreement with GE Oil & Gas.

The successful acceptance test moves forward REP Holding’s plans to sell the Ladoga gas turbine technology in Russia where it will power Gazprom’s Compressor Stations on Bovanenkovo-Ukhta gas trunk line.

The MS 5002E/Ladoga 32 turbine can be serviced at the customer site, and is an upgraded version of GE’s MS 5002 product line, and offers low emissions and a proven service life to customers.