The German gas sector will be fully liberalized by the end of 2007, allowing customers, for the first time, to have free choice from the full pantheon of suppliers, Mattias Kurth, head of the German networks regulator Bundesnetzagentur, has reportedly stated.

In 12 month’s time, or in other words, by the end of 2007, all German gas users will be able to select their supplier from any of the companies that operate in the German market, local newspaper Welt am Sonntag has reported.

The development will be the successful conclusion to the German government’s policy to fully liberalize the German gas sector and will mean that, for the first time, customers will not limited in their options on the grounds of geographical constraints.

For 2007 we should…ensure Germany-wide competition on the gas market, the newspaper quoted Mr Kurth as saying. This will put prices under further pressure.

Currently, only gas users in a few cities such as Berlin and Bonn can freely choose their gas suppliers.