A study by consultants DIW Econ revealed that investments by the sector stood around $11bn in 2012.

The BWE wind lobby noted that about 67% of German wind-power products are sold abroad.

Hermann Albers, president of the lobby, was quoted by Bloomberg as saying that "Our industry has become a motor for the energy switch."

Albers said the German renewable energy industry plans to employ about 500,000 people by 2020.

Earlier in 2014, a study by BWE has found that wind energy in Germany is cost efficient by international comparison.

The study revealed that Germany is average in terms of main costs and overall investment costs; however additional investment costs and operating costs vary greatly when compared to other countries.

Operating costs are in the upper middle range in Germany and vary from location to location because of diverse cost elements that rely on the capacity factor.

Image: The German renewable energy industry plans to employ 500,000 people by 2020. Photo: Courtesy of pakorn/