Georgia Power and Solar Design & Development (SD&D) have partnered together for Georgia Power's first retail utility-scale solar power development that has a cumulative potential of around 19MW solar power.

A series of solar projects were developed and installed by the two companies under Georgia Power’s 50MW large-scale solar initiative that the company is expecting to develop in the next twenty years.

Georgia Power renewable and green strategy manager Ervan Hancock III said that the company remains committed to increasing the use of cost-effective, renewable resources that provide value for its customers.

"The partnership with Solar Design & Development will help to fulfill the objective of expanding the role of solar energy in Georgia Power’s generation portfolio," added Hancock.

Additionally, SD&D secured a 1MW contract from Georgia Power under the Georgia Power’s request for proposals issued in May 2011.

Solar resources under this contract will be used for Georgia Power’s subscriber-based Green Energy program in Upson County, Georgia, US.