With the completion of the task, Geodynamics has been able to commission a 1MWe Habanero Pilot Plant producing Australia’s first Enhanced Geothermal Systems (EGS) generated power.

Packers Plus and Geodynamics have worked jointly to design specialized Inferno completions equipment capable of bearing upto 300°C and 69 MPa pressure, and the equipment was instrumental to the EGS process, involving stimulation of existing fractures in low-permeability, high-temperature rock to allow water to flow through and be superheated.

Geodynamics CEO Geoff Ward said, "The willingness of Packers Plus to design and test their equipment to the limit has made them a strategic partner for Geodynamics."

Packers Plus eastern hemisphere technical services manager Cameron Radtke stated, "Packers Plus had successfully completed the Jolokia 1 geothermal well for Geodynamics in 2010, and we built on that expertise to deliver both the equipment and on-site services to ensure success with the Habanero 4 well."