Genovation, a Maryland designer and custom builder of environmentally friendly automobiles, has completed Phase I of development of its G2 electric car model.

Phase I included the completion of design details critical to a comprehensive business strategy, including cost analyses, performance simulations, crash simulations, computational fluid dynamics analyses and two quarter scale models.

Phase I is managed and delivered by Tata Technologies, which serves as the prime contractor on the full vehicle project.

Subcontractors on the G2 project include Metalsa, which recently acquired Dana Holding’s structural product business, for the structural design and manufacturing; and Dana Thermal Products for the car’s thermal operations such as engine cooling, battery management and cabin climate control.

The G2 model will incorporate Genovation’s research and development that went into its G1 model, an electric conversion of a Ford Focus.

The conversion included the installation of an electric motor, battery string, controller, instrumentation and generator; using off the shelf items.

Phase II of the G2 development has commenced, and will include the design of a G2 working prototype.

Phase III includes building preproduction prototypes for road testing and crash tests, and will also include the design and building of a production facility.