The ExxonMobil Consumer Credit Card will feature a zero credit card fraud liability that fully protects cardholders in the event that their card is lost or stolen.

In addition to launching the upgraded cards to all existing ExxonMobil Credit Cardholders, GE Consumer Finance will team up with ExxonMobil on a major integrated marketing campaign to attract new ExxonMobil credit card customers.

Additionally, the offer will be heavily promoted at ExxonMobil’s 14,000-plus retail locations with enhanced on-site advertising and through a variety of other marketing channels.

We just celebrated 11 years of association with ExxonMobil, and we’re excited about relaunching the ExxonMobil Credit Card with all the new features and enhanced value that it will bring to cardholders, said Margaret Keane, president and CEO of GE Consumer Finance’s retail consumer finance unit.

ExxonMobil believes, based on credit card industry reports, that the ExxonMobil Credit Card program leads the petroleum industry in both total dollars charged and dollars charged per account.