GE Energy is supplying two steam turbines and four heavy-duty Frame 9FA gas turbines, which are equipped with its advanced emission control technologies. GE also signed a 20-year contractual service agreement (CSA) for the project, which will support the long-term operability and performance of the turbines.

Developed to meet Bahrain’s growing water and power requirements, the plant is located in the Al Dur area on the Kingdom’s southeastern coast. The Kingdom of Bahrain’s Electricity and Water Authority is planning additional capacity expansions over the next 20 years to support the country’s reported power demand growth rate at 7-10% per year.

When completed, the plant is expected to provide 1,250MW of power, which would account for 30% of the Kingdom’s existing electricity grid output, as well as 48 million imperial gallons of desalinated water per day.

The Al Dur project further expands the presence of GE’s F-class gas turbine technology for projects in the Middle East. Under the terms of the CSA, GE Energy will supply parts, repair and provide field services for planned and unplanned maintenance for the gas turbine-generators and accessory equipment.