GE’s smart grid offerings are designed to help utilities increase productivity and reliability, while also providing consumers with information to better manage their electricity use and expenses.

Adding Kelman’s expertise, experience and multi-gas measurement technology is expected to expand GE’s smart grid portfolio by providing utility customers with a much more comprehensive product offering.

Kelman’s advanced dissolved gas analysis (DGA) technology reportedly provides critical condition monitoring for high power electrical transformers. This technology enables Kelman to deliver multi-gas portable and on-line DGA equipment. With this acquisition, Kelman’s employees are now part of GE’s transmission and distribution operations.

Bob Gilligan, vice president of GE Energy’s transmission and distribution business, said: With its outstanding industry knowledge and proven technology, Kelman is an excellent fit with our overall smart grid initiative. Adding Kelman’s innovative transformer monitoring and diagnostics capabilities will benefit our customers and allow us to serve a broader base of users.