GE has signed a contract with ENKA to supply power generation equipment for the new 750 MW combined-cycle plant being developed by Qaiwan Group in Bazyan, Iraq. GE will provide four 9E gas turbines and one steam turbine. The project’s aim is to strengthen the electricity infrastructure in the Kurdistan region.
GE’s turbines have been producing more than 90 % of the electricity generated in the Kurdistan region. The new power plant in Bazyan marks the fourth power project by GE in the region. The existing Erbil, Sulaiymaniyah and Dohuk plants, powered by 24 GE 9E gas turbines, are between them producing over 3GW, equivalent to the required load for approximately 3 million households in Iraq.
Fehmi Bayramoglu, member of the executive committee, ENKA said, "The Bazyan project is one of our key contracts in the region, which we are committed to developing as per an aggressive project schedule. Having worked with GE on three earlier projects in the region, we are confident of the additional value that the company’s technologies bring to the project."
With more than 30 million operating hours of utility and industrial service, 9E turbines have proved to be extremely productive, even in challenging climates. The platform has flexible fuel handling capabilities including natural gas, light- and heavy-distillate oil, naphtha, crude oil and residual oil, making it a good match for the needs of the Bazyan CC plant.