GE Energy is to supply a further seven frame-F combined-cycle gas turbines for phase two of China’s Gas Turbine Power Plants Construction Project.

GE’s phase two projects include three 109FA systems for the Jiangsu Jinling Combined-Cycle Power Plant, owned by Huaneng Power International Inc and two 109FA systems each for the Guangzhou Zhujiang LNG project, owned by Guangzhou Zhujiang Natural Gas Power Generation Co and the Zhejiang Zhenhai Gas-Fired Power Generation Project owned by Zhejiang Zhenhai Power Generation Co.

China National Technical Import & Export Corporation is the commercial agent for each project, which collectively represent more than 2,500 MW. GE is also currently in negotiations to provide four 9E gas turbines for phase three of the Chinese programme.

GE won the turbine deal in consortium with Harbin Power Equipment Co (HPEC). Of the 39 gas turbines included in the first two phases of this programme, GE has now been selected to deliver 20 of them, which will produce more than 7 GW.

GE Energy also has completed construction of a gas turbine parts manufacturing facility for its joint venture company, Shenyang GE Liming Turbine Components Company,, in Shenyang, Liaoning Province, and will begin manufacturing gas turbine components there in first quarter of 2005. Each of GE’s 9FA combined-cycle systems generates 380 MW.