Under the terms of the deal, GE to provide integrated biomass gasification solution which includes an Ecomagination qualified, 1MW Jenbacher engine and biomass gasification system.

GE’s gasification solution is designed to convert excess forest biomass to electricity, heat and biochar.

The bioenergy plant will help in preventing the risk of wildfire, reduce wasteful pile as well as help in burn management practices and improve carbon sequestration.

The integrated solution also comprises the gasifier, gas conditioning system and engine.

GE Distributed Power business global technical solutions leader Scott Nolen said: "Our gasification system and engines are designed to meet our customers’ needs for both high efficiency and reliability while increasing fuel flexibility."

Phoenix Energy and GE will also design and implement this solution statewide as part of the deal.

Scheduled to be commissioned in the fourth quarter of 2016, the biomass power plant will source renewable biomass locally from US Forest Service and CalFire managed lands.

The Energy Commission’s renewable energy R&D program lead Rizaldo Aldas said: "The Energy Commission invests in innovative cleaner energy concepts like Phoenix Energy’s North Fork project because they create a pathway towards achieving California energy and greenhouse gas emission reduction goals."

Phoenix Energy plans to build series of bioenergy plants in California.

Phoenix Energy CEO Greg Stangl said: "By working together, GE has given us the confidence that this is the right solution to use throughout California to produce sustainable local energy from local biomass, creating local jobs."

GE will also be responsible for technical support and service for Phoenix Energy’s installed systems.

Image: A GE-built Jenbacher J612 gas engine. Photo: courtesy of General Electric.