GE has received a $900m contract from the Centrais Elétricas de Sergipe (CELSE) to supply turbines and generators for the proposed 1,516MW Porto de Sergipe combined-cycle power plant in Brazil.

The contract involves supply of GE’s three HA gas turbines and a steam turbine as well as a heat recovery steam generator (HRSG) and other related equipment for the power plant.

On a turnkey basis, GE Energy Connections will also provide robust transmission system, which features s a high voltage step up substation at the power plant, transmission lines and a bay at an existing substation.

Golar Power, an owner of the project company CELSE, CEO Eduardo Antonello said: "Porto de Sergipe will transform the way power is delivered in Brazil, and we’re confident that GE is the right partner to deliver the full scope of this project through its optimized gas power solutions.”

Planned to be built at Barra dos Coqueiros, the power plant will account for about 15% of Northeast energy demand in Brazil.

Expected to be the largest gas power plant in Latin America upon completion, the facility is designed to deliver an efficiency rate of over 62%. The project is scheduled to be commissioned in January 2020.

GE Power Gas Power Systems president and CEO Joe Mastrangelo said: "GE’s HA technology is faster – capable of delivering full power to the grid in under 30 minutes – and able to achieve more efficiency than ever before, and it’s changing the way our customers deliver power around the world.

“When we tap into the GE store and combine the HA with other innovative technologies across GE, it’s a game changer that will make a real difference in meeting the growing energy demands in Brazil.”

GE said that its 7HA technology is designed to provide quick response to fluctuations in grid demand while adapting quickly to weather changes.

Image: Brazil intends to meet its growing electricity demand. Photo: courtesy of General Electric.