GE has been awarded a contract by Huaneng Corporation to provide 55 units of GE 2.75-120 wind turbines for the Huaneng Dali Longquan wind project in the Yunnan province of China.

wind turbine

The contract also comprises a two-year service agreement for operations and maintenance of the 151MW wind farm, which will help China in meeting larger renewable energy production goals.

Huaneng Renewables president Lin Gang said: "We chose GE based on its proven reliability in other parts of the world, and the technology behind GE’s 2.75-120 wind turbine is well-suited for our local land constraints and the high-altitude project site."

In 2013, China added more than 16GW of wind power, accounting for more than 45% of the world’s total wind energy installations, according to the Global Wind Energy Council.

GE renewable energy business president and CEO Anne McEntee said: "China has huge potential for wind energy, and we are excited to help customers like Huaneng expand their renewable energy presence.

"Our goal is to invest in the kind of renewable technology that will bring high-quality, reliable power to the region for many years to come, and the 2.75-120 is a great example of exactly that."

By the end of 2017, China is planning to boost its installations to 150GW of total wind capacity as a step toward a target of producing at least 15% of overall energy output from renewable sources by 2020.

Image: China added more than 16GW of wind power in 2013. Photo: courtesy of pakorn/