GE will supply two 6B gas turbines, which will increase the site’s energy production by 120MW and these two units initially will operate in simple cycle, producing a total of 80MW.

The plant provides electricity for the Indonesian steelmaker, Krakatau Steel, with the excess output going to the country’s power grid.

In addition to boosting the power output, the 6B technology will help to improve plant efficiency by nearly 15%, supporting the government’s energy saving initiatives.

Furthermore, KDL has also entered into a 16-year contractual service agreement (CSA) with GE for the power plant expansion.

Under the CSA, GE will cover the supply of parts, repairs and field services for maintenance outages of gas turbines and generators.

GE Power & Water executive product manager Steven Rahm said the company is pleased to help the Krakatau steel group in meeting its growing energy demands and increase the efficiency of its energy production.

"The proven performance and reliable technology of our 6B Gas Turbines enabled us to be selected in very competitive bidding" added Rahm.

The GE 6B gas turbines will be shipped to the project site in February 2012 and will start simple cycle operation around August 2012, prior to entering combined-cycle service in early 2013.

They will operate on natural gas supplied by Perusahaan Gas Negara, the state-owned gas distribution company.