Scheduled to be deployed at two SCE sites in the coming months, the LM6000 Hybrid EGT was developed in response to California’s Aliso Canyon energy emergency and will support increasing renewable energy capacity on the state grid.

The two-project solution features a 10MW battery energy storage system from Current and a GE LM6000 aeroderivative gas turbine with control system upgrades offered by GE’s Power Services.  

Southern California Edison generation vice-president Phil Herrington said: “GE’s new LM6000 Hybrid EGT product fits well with SCE's objective of providing cost–effective, innovative solutions that enhance grid reliability, flexibility, and fast response for our customers.”

Developed to qualify for California’s Independent System Operator’s tariff for contingency reserve, the solution is expected to address a critical need for Southern California where regulations are varying on natural gas usage and storage due to the state’s Aliso Canyon energy crisis earlier this year.

The system is expected to help SCE’s customers to reduce their fuel spending , while decreasing natural gas consumption and emissions. It will also improve gas turbine start-up time and reliability, GE said.

GE’s Power Services president and CEO Paul McElhinney said: “We are excited to launch this innovative hybrid solution to provide immediate power, increase the flexibility of our gas turbines, leverage new software controls solutions and increase customer competitiveness.

“With our total plant solutions capabilities, we are able to help California increase its grid efficiency and help SCE deliver more affordable energy in a changing marketplace.”

The joint solution was developed by GE’s Power Services and Current businesses in collaboration with Wellhead Power Solutions.

SCE plans to commission the battery energy storage system by the end of 2016 while the updated and integrated turbine controls are planned to be operational in early next year.

Image: The new LM6000 Hybrid EGT battery storage & gas turbine hybrid system. Photo: courtesy of General Electric.