The 3,000-watt (W) power supplies are engineered to provide the high reliability and ruggedness needed in today’s demanding industrial segment in a simple, cost-effective solution.

The user-friendly design of the Resilient 3000 (officially known as GE’s EP3000AC48IN) eases the implementation process for all users—regardless of experience level or design sophistication—enabling a broad range of users to deploy and operate the units in their unique applications.

While the modules are designed with simplicity in mind, they also maintain the performance, efficiency and ability to offer robust communications that users require. The power supply’s rugged design, which includes a conformal-coated interior circuit board to protect against dust and high humidity, and an oversized fan that enables the unit to operate in extreme temperatures make it an ideal fit for demanding industrial applications.

Additionally, the Resilient 3000’s robust design can withstand poor grid conditions and line surges, allowing for global deployment in a wide range of industrial applications.

“When it comes to power, factors like reliability, availability and efficiency are essential. Also, in many industrial products and applications, simplicity and ruggedness play a crucial role,” said Jim Montgomery, senior product manager, GE. “We took all of these factors into consideration when we went to the drawing board to develop the Resilient 3000, and with that knowledge in hand, we were able to ensure that we created a power supply capable of meeting the unique needs of customers across various industrial segments.”

The single-phase Resilient 3000 power supplies enable a constant 3,000-W output power with an output voltage of 48 volts, which offers plug-and-play connectivity and operating efficiencies of up 95 percent. The units are scalable and can be paralleled for load sharing, providing added flexibility for industrial customers looking for a solution to their unique power challenges.

Additional key features of the Resilient 3000 rectifiers include:

Wide operating temperature range (-10 C to +70 C).

Wide selectable output voltage range (48 to 58 volts DC).

RS-485 communication.

+5-volt auxiliary output.

Compact size and light weight (approximately 7.5 pounds).

High mean time between failures design.

Simple connectivity—convenient two-piece connectors allow for rapid yet confident AC and DC connections, and simple wire-and-go-connectivity assures rapid deployment and servicing.

Over-voltage and high-temperature protection.

Built-in surge protection.

“Our critical power line of rectifiers has earned a reputation within the telecom and datacom industries as highly reliable and efficient, and we aim to establish the same presence in the industrial segment with our rugged Resilient 3000 power supplies,” Montgomery continued.