GE has introduced a bushing monitoring system which will identify transformer failures before they occur.

The system, dubbed Intellix BMT 300, detects partial discharge activity in a transformer’s main tank for faster identification of arcing faults.

According to the company, the system helps protect against the cost of the transformer, the loss of revenue during the downtime and the collateral damages as well as reputational consequences that a transformer failure can create.

GE general manager for monitoring & diagnostics of Grid Automation Simon Phillips said utilities and industrial companies need to manage costs while delivering reliable power.

"Transformers are a critical component of the power production cycle and bushings are an integral part of a transformer," Phillips added.

"The Intellix BMT 300 monitors the transformer’s bushings to identify potential failures before they happen to prevent costly repairs and in some cases, avoid the complete loss of the customer’s transformer."

Intellix BMT 300 is integrated with GE’s Kelman TRANSFIX DGA Analyzer and Perception Software.