Boiling water reactor vendor GE Hitachi Nuclear Energy (GEH) plans to start offering refuelling services to customers operating pressurised water reactors.

The company, which supplied 60 of the world’s BWRs, has also signed an agreement with the USA’s largest nuclear operator, Exelon Generation, to conduct PWR refuelling work.

GEH’s outage team will bring experience in project management, planning, supervision, fuel movement and vessel disassembly and reassembly. Team members were recently trained at an Exelon facility in accordance with the company’s standards.

"We have viewed the PWR services segment as one in need of additional choices for utilities for some time," said Caroline Reda, president and CEO, GEH. "We look forward to bringing to PWR operators the same level of project management expertise and technical rigor that we have brought to BWR customers for more than five decades."