The Baotou plant will generate more than 12 mcm/day of synthesis gas for producing chemicals. Local coal will serve as the fuel source. Commercial operation is expected by the end of 2009.

The news follows a similar deal with Beijing’s C&G Industrial Co (C&G) for use at a chemical plant in Inner Mongolia, owned by Xinneng Energy Corp. The plant will convert local coal into about 4.5 mcm/day of syngas. The scope of the contract for the Xinneng facility includes process design, operator training, pre-commissioning and start-up support as well as supply of a feed injector and quench ring. China Tianchen Chemical Engineering Corp of Tianjin, China is the engineering company for this project and will carry out the detailed design.

Of the 30 GE gasification licensing agreement projects in China, 20 have entered commercial operation while the others are in engineering and construction phases. Two thirds are coal feed with the remainder heavy oil or natural gas.

“Through our various gasification licensing projects across China, we have gained wide experience in gasifying various types of Chinese coal,” said John Lavelle, general manager of GE’s gasification business. GE says its industrial licensing programme is a key segment of its overall gasification business, which also includes integrated gasification combined-cycle (IGCC) technology.

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