Concorda PSLF is a leading power flow and dynamics simulation software used by transmission planners across the globe. The upgraded software offers numerous advances over its previous version, including:

Newly developed geomagnetic disturbance (GMD) analysis support. Enhanced analysis capability including unique data estimation capability, allowing analysis with minimal data preparation.

New overcurrent relay models

New generic wind turbine models

New dynamics event table that describes the sequence of events during a simulation

Major improvements to steady state and dynamics import

New file export capabilities into CSV or XML format

Completely redesigned dynamics contingency processor

Numerous other small improvements to improve overall user experience

"As utilities grapple with the challenges of managing more complex transmission systems, our latest upgrade to our PSLF software demonstrates our commitment to providing our customers with the solutions they need to help them more effectively simulate and study planning scenarios, which in turn enables them to improve the reliability of their transmission systems," said Devin Van Zandt, software product manager, GE Energy Consulting.

The PSLF software is part of the broader Concorda Software Suite — that also includes MAPS* and MARS*. GE Energy Consulting develops, commercially licenses and supports these internationally recognized products that are widely used for planning and simulating electric power grids, assessing the economic performance of large electricity market segments and evaluating generation reliability.

The upgraded PSLF software introduction complements the 2012 launch of GE’s portfolio of Industrial Internet solutions, which aims to bridge the gap between people, machines and data, and show how business and technology leaders can improve efficiency and ultimately create smarter and faster solutions to improve electrical system efficiency, and reduce downtime.