Five cogeneration units for three new power plants supplying the city of Torino and nearby ski resort villages in Italy have been supplied by GE Energy’s Jenbacher gas engine business.

For the first CHP project, installed in the northern end of Torino, GE provided one JMS 320 GS-N.LC cogeneration system. The gas-fired Jenbacher unit generates 1.06 MW of electricity and 1.26 MW of thermal output

The northern Italian city is hosting the upcoming Olympic Winter Games in February 2006 and the plant is linked to the district heating system of the Olympic Village.

For the second and third projects, GE supplied Metanalpi Sestriere SRL of Torino with four Jenbacher CHP systems, which Metanalpi installed in the ski resort villages of Cesana San Sicario and Pragelato in the Italian Alps. The Cesana San Sicario plant features two JMS 320 GS-N.LC cogeneration

systems generating 1.01 MW of electricity and 1.18 MW of thermal output, each while the Pragelato plant is powered by two JMS 316 GS-N.LC units generating 710 kW of electricity and 877 kW of thermal output.

All the units were commissioned in the latter part of last year.