The project produces power to Bataan and Zambales and the substation has a combined dependable capacity of over 4000MW and acts as a connection point for power.

The development of a new 500 kV transmission backbone will serve as the additional outgoing circuits from Hermosa to San Jose to allow simultaneous maximum dispatch of existing power plants. 

The San Jose 500 kV gas insulated switchgear substation of NGCP currently serves the only connection point from power plants in North Luzon to its delivery points in Metro Manila down to South Luzon.

The project will be finished in the fourth quarter of 2018 and will offer reliable and sustainable power supply to the Luzon grid.

NGCP stated: “NGCP supports the government's goal of providing access to electricity to every corner of the country. The Hermosa substation project is in line with the Department of Energy's strategic directions 2017-2040, which is to expand energy access to ensure affordable, reliable, sustainable, and modern energy supply for all.”

The Grid Solutions unit of GE Power will provide two units of 1000MVA that has 7 x 333.33MVA, 1-phase, 60 Hz, 500/230-13.8 kV auto-transformers, and two banks of 60MVAr that consists of 6 x 20Mvar, 6 x 20 MVAR, 1-phase, 60 Hz, 500 kV power shunt reactors.

One bank of 90MVAr line reactor that has 3 x 30MVAR, 1-phase, 60 Hz, 500 kV power shunt reactors will also be supplied by GE.