GCL System Integration Technology has signed a master distribution agreement with Mexican solar distribution company DMSolar.

Through the partnership, DMSolar will offer GCL-SI solar modules and other complimentary system components to the Mexican market. This is the first time that GCL-SI cooperates with a Mexican distributor and this also marks a significant step for GCL-SI to enter the Mexican market.

DMSolar sales director Yusef Kanchi said: "Being leaders in the industry, we are committed to offering our clients the best products of the international market. We selected GCL-SI for several reasons: reliable product quality, strong business ethics, proven financial stability and wide experience in solar industry. We are glad to bring quality products and professional companies to the Mexican market."

DMSolar works with a number of local installers on projects ranging from residential to commercial installations. The agreement with GCL-SI contains the distribution of its solar module products GCL-P6/60 and GCL-P6/72.

Since its establishment in 2012, DMSolar has grown the objective to develop the solar industry and it has identified the lack of quality products in the local markets. This cooperation shows the quality of solar modules produced by GC L-SI and sets the scene for both parties to continue working together in the future to promote the energy revolution in Mexico.

GCL-SI Latin America sales vice president Jose Jove said that the agreement with DMSolar will help GCL-SI to become one of the leading brands in Mexico market.

Jove added: "Regulation in Mexico has improved dramatically in past few months, both for utility scale projects with the approval of the Energy Reform and for distributed generation with the update on the rules; net metering and net billing are now together in the mix."

GCL tailored its plan to fit the local scenarios to step into the Mexico market.

Jove further said: "For utility scale we are targeting to place a large volume of modules in the auction projects as well as projects with potential private power purchase agreements (PPAs). There were two auctions in Mexico last year, 1.1 GW awarded in the first auction and 1.8 GW in the second. As for Distributed Generation, we are consolidating relationships with Distributors such as DMSolar."