Gazprom has signed an accord with the Sakhalin Oblast Administration and formed a cooperation deal with the Tyva Republic.

The first of these deals involves promoting cooperation between the Sakhalin Oblast Administration and Gazprom, and contemplates developing and approving various documents that could foster further development of Sakhalin gasification systems. These documents details initiatives such as a gasification investment project, a regional energy saving program, and a program for the conversion of motor transport and agricultural equipment to CNG & LNG.

Secondly, Gazprom has entered into a cooperation deal with the government of the Tyva Republic that will see the two team up to implement the East program, a national initiative for setting up an integrated gas production, transmission and supply system in eastern Siberia and the Far East, taking into account potential gas exports to China and other Asia Pacific countries.

Gazprom and the Tyva Republic will also work together on preparing and implementing regional hydrocarbon field exploration & production programs and projects based on the East Program, and on developing programs and executing projects for gas supply to and gasification of the Tyva Republic with compressed and liquefied gas.

Developing and introducing gas- and energy-saving technologies, preparing and agreeing on rational regional energy balances using local resources, and creating a comprehensive ecological monitoring system will also come under the remit of the agreement.

The agreement represents the first cooperation deal ever signed between Gazprom and the Tyva Republic. At present, liquefied gas penetration in the household sector of the Tyva Republic is at 71.2%, but Gazprom doesn’t supply natural gas to the Republic.