Russian energy giant Gazprom and the Republic of Ingushetia have entered into a agreement relating to their co-operation in the natural gas sector.

<p>The agreement was signed by Alexey Miller, chairman of the Gazprom management committee, and Murat Zyazikov, president of the Republic of Ingushetia.<br /><br />Under the agreement, co-operation will be enforced in specific areas, including the developing of the natural gas sector, creating an automated gas metering system, and the developing and introducing of gas-saving technologies. <br /><br />In addition, the Republic of Ingushetia will enforce Republican laws to grant allowances to companies involved in targeted investment and social programs relating to gas supply. It will also contribute to ensuring full and timely gas payments by self-funded customers and develop and implement a program to provide the population with gas meters. <br /><br />Gazprom will take the role of supplying contractual gas volumes to regional consumers, provided that customers pay for gas deliveries and fulfill a preset gas debt repayment schedule.</p>