Russian energy giant Gazprom Neft has signed an agreement with Germany based oil and gas firm Wintershall to jointly undertake enhanced oil recovery research in order to increase oil recovery and extend the lifetime of Gazprom Neft’s mature oil fields in Siberia.


As part of the deal, a joint research and development project will be launched by the partners to deploy chemical flooding technology along with surfactant and polymer solutions.

Wintershall executive board member responsible for exploration and production in Europe and Middle East Martin Bachmann said: "Together with our parent company BASF, we have been focusing our technology program on the development of chemical EOR capabilities.

"We are pleased to bring this expertise to this joint project."

The project will also include the preparation of a related technical feasibility study,which is expected to take several years.

Meanwhile, a joint technical team of experts will undertake lab tests, hydrodynamic modeling and field tests to assess the appropriate combination of surfactant agents and polymers for use at Gazprom Neft’s oil fields.

Gazprom Neft first deputy general director Vadim Yakovlev said: "Improving the efficiency of the hydrocarbon production is one of the key priorities for Gazprom Neft’s development.

"The current stage aims at developing an optimal chemical formula and proving its efficiency during laboratory and field tests."

Gazprom said that the results would enable its companies to determine the technology’s applicability in mature fields.

Yakovlev added: "The continuous development of our expertise will ensure that Gazprom Neft can maintain its technological leadership in the Russian oil and gas industry."

Upon successful completion, the team will conduct pilot testing.

Image: Gazprom Neft intends to extend the life of its mature oil fields in Siberia. Photo: courtesy of Wintershall Holding GmbH.