Kulczyk Oil Ventures (KOV) said that the gas test at the KUB-Gas M-19 well in Ukraine has been successful.

The M-19 well commenced drilling on 16 August 2010, two months after the completion of the partial acquisition of KUB-Gas (KUB-Gas) by Kulczyk Oil.

The well, which is located approximately 2km from the Makeevskoye field, reached a total depth of 2,060m in mid-October, encountering several potential new gas-bearing reservoirs.

The company said that the M-19 well is the first well within the four fields operated by KUB-Gas in Ukraine to be logged with modern logging tools.

The logs indicated that, while the Triassic target was not present, the seismic anomaly was an approximately 18m thick sandstone unit that appeared to contain hydrocarbons.

It was this sandstone unit that was produced at 5mmscf/d of natural gas through a 10mm choke when tested in December.

In addition, several zones which appear to contain hydrocarbons were identified within the underlying Muscovian target section.

KUB-Gas has initiated the processes to obtain the necessary regulatory approvals for construction of a pipeline and tie-in of the M-19 well.