GRU will initially deploy the Tantalus Utility Network, TUNet, along with Itron CENTRON II advanced meters to support a range of applications like consumer energy portals, remote disconnect/reconnect, distribution automation, proactive outage management and voltage monitoring.

TUNet will also gather information from water and gas meters equipped with Itron communication modules that form part of an existing deployment.

GRU will use a network design that will utilize a WiMAX backhaul for WAN and 900 MHz for LAN communications to TUNet devices and Itron communication modules and advanced meters.

Deployment, which is due to start later this summer, will be initially carried out on new construction apartment facilities near the University of Florida in the US.

Tantalus president and CEO Peter Londa said GRU is a good example of a strategic AMI deployment.

"We’ve been extremely excited to partner with GRU to hone in on very specific operational drivers and then customize their AMI deployment from both a technological and business standpoint," Londa added.

"This approach enables us to deliver precisely what GRU needs to ensure the highest possible return on their investment."